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Would you also use sodium sulfite as an alternative?

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> Kate M wrote:
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> > Why Sodium Bisuphite? I always use Potassium Metabisulphate - the stain
> > goes away in a few moments in most cases -the only trouble I ever had
> > was not letting the prints dry before clearing.
> > Kate
> Either is fine; I've always used sodium bisulfite myself. (But to be
> clear, this thread happened to be about sodium bisulfite, not about what
> people should or shouldn't use for clearing.) Some recommend potassium
> metabisulfite because they think sodium bisulfite is too strong and
> softens the gum; I have never found that to be the case. But if you're
> worried about that, I'd use potassium metabisulfite. And I don't know
> how the potassium metabisulfite compares in terms of fumes; I use the
> sodium bisulfite outside because it can irritate your lungs if you
> breathe it. But even with that, there's nothing about it that's so
> disagreeable that I've ever felt the need to change; as I've said I
> don't need a clearing agent very often, and maybe I'd want something
> less caustic if I were clearing every day.
> kt
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