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How do you know mine was not yellowish-brown-purple? But everybody calls it
"yellow" stain.
For some reason I never had problems with monochrome and bichromate stain
and I pick up the wrong concentration from photoformulary website (it's the
second time I pickup errors in their website, the first time I call them on
the phone).
I was actually spraying it with a 1,2% for 1 minute.
Thanks again,
pd Can you instruct me on "pigment stain"? How can it happen when there is
no light? My paper is Begger 300 gr. and my pigment manufacturer is

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> > Hi Katharine,
> > I assume the sodium bisulfite is on a 12% concentration.
> > How much time you put the picture in the bath?
> > An the you bath it again in a water bath, for how long?
> > What about stubborn cases? You keep it longer?
> > Let me give you a recent example of what happened to me:
> > I was working on a full color print, this picture has an open clean
> > sky therefore the negative section of the sky is totally black.
> > I did my first cyano print and everything was fine (sorry I sized the
> > before first with gelatin and glyoxal).
> > I go next day for my Blue channel and yellow pigment and the sky comes
> > "yellow", I thought it was stained, next day I did my Green channel and
> > magenta pigment and I got a beautiful picture but with the yellow sky
(as I
> > said out of a black negative).
> > I wash it with sodium bisulfite and the stain is still there.
> > Yes, I know I can create a new negative and paint the sky on white but I
> > want to know what may have happened.
> Hello Giovanni,
> That's almost certainly pigment stain, not dichromate stain--- a
> different issue entirely. I don't mean to discourage you, but it may be
> less frustrating for you in the long run to master monochrome printing
> before attempting tricolor, at least that's the sequence many people
> find most rewarding for gum printing.
> Yes, I suppose you could print opaque white over your stain, but I doubt
> the result will be the same as the result you would get by printing in
> color on white paper.
> Katharine Thayer
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