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Hello everyone,

Iīm new to this maillist.

I read the mails since about one month now and its very

First I want to say sorry for my English. If you donīt
understand something
that I write, please let me know!

Photography is my only hobby since about 3 years.

In the past I was also doing some Cyanos and Salt Prints.

I use a 4x5" Camera to get the negatives, and if they should
be bigger I
print them out on Agfa Copy Jet Film.

But what to do if the sice should be bigger that A4 size?

How to make bigger negatives.

I know a little bit of making them in the darkroom with the

(First make a good print of the negative, then put the print
together with a
sheet of film, exposure it and you got a big negative)

But how long to expose the film with the print on it?

The sheet film is not that cheap to try out some time to get
the right
exposure, and what kind of film to use?

Is there an other way of getting a bigger negative?

Thank you very much for your help!


   Welcome to the list Christina. I am sure you can get a
lot of help here, there are experts in most special
processes. You may even find a couple who speak your
language but I think your English is just fine.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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