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Date: 08/22/04-01:29:26 PM Z
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>Just watched the QT movie of your class at Formulary...were those eMacs
>being used? How were they configured and how did you like them?

Hey Dennis,

The eMacs are nice classroom machines, especially in a situation like the
Formulary in which they set-up and put-away the equipment each week
according to the class being taught. With just one thing (besides the
keyboard) to install, there's no cable clutter or space hassle.

The eMacs at the Formulary are 1-1.25 GHz models with about 512MB RAM.
(They could use some more RAM, especially as we all become 16-bit nuts.)
And they have the Combo drive, not the SuperDrive.

The new iMacs (to be introduced in Paris next week) should be G5
machines. Cool!

Hope this helps!

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