RE: Photog Forumulary - UV Box and Frames - comments?

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Date: 08/22/04-12:26:27 PM Z
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Good points I guess.
I have no experience with the Formulary unit so I'll take your word for it.
True about the Edwards door but a kitchen cabinet knob with a single center
screw took care of that.

Houston, TX

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I've used both the Edwards UV box (I own the 11X14) and the Formulary's. I
would definitely buy from the Formulary for these reasons:

1. For the price of the Edwards, you get a box twice the size from the
Formulary. Even though I thought the 11X14 would do the charm, it would be
nice to work in a larger format or work on two images at a time. Also, I
have to be careful not to get the print frame too close to the edge in the
Edwards where the light falls off during the exposure--bigger in this case I
believe is better.

2. The fan is of a much higher quality on the Formulary unit and it has a
separate switch, unlike the Edward's unit. If you live in an area that heats
up, you'll need a more ambitious fan.

3. I find opening the Edwards box to insert the print frame a bit awkward.
The edges of the door are mitered so you have to grab it by its right edge
to open it. The formulary box has a knob instead and a latch to keep it
open--very handy if you need to dodge and burn.

For the record, I'm very pleased with my Edwards box, but would have chosen
the Formulary unit if I had known they built them or had had a chance to
test drive them both beforehand.


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Subject: Photog Forumulary - UV Box and Frames - comments?

Can anyone who has used or seen the UV box and/or contact printing
frames from Photog Forumulary comment on them?

I was thinking of building a light box, but, not sure if I want to deal with
the hassle...
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