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Date: 08/22/04-08:57:49 AM Z
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Good morning, Dan!

Just watched the QT movie of your class at Formulary...were those eMacs
being used? How were they configured and how did you like them?

Dennis Moser

FDanB@aol.com wrote:
> I just taught a workshop a few week ago at the Formulary (my fourth in a
> year!) where I got to use the UV boxes and printing frames once again.
> The light boxes are terrific. Well made and reliable. Hardware that holds
> up under constant student use will last a lifetime in the private
> darkroom.
> And I'd give a most enthusiastic second to the earlier comments about how
> good the Formulary people are to work with. They've quickly become my
> favorite workshop location what with their terrific alt-photo facilities,
> beautiful surroundings, great food and complete devotion to the students.

> Hope this helps!
> Dan
> www.danburkholder.com

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