Re: Daguerreotypes

From: Marie Wohadlo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/20/04-12:13:27 PM Z
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Great. I am serious about the dags. In my mind, there is NO rival to them.
I want to get to the photo print library study room at the Art Institute of
Chicago, (perhaps contact the Dag show's supporter(s)) and look into
exactly WHAT is so capativating. I suspect it is partly the lighting, their
sheer age and potential for a little mental time travel, and their virtual
lack of any resolution to speak of.

I have NO idea where to find a dag workshop -- maybe I can begin looking soon.
Do you know if there is a process without mercury, or if it is just very
very carefully controlled.

Sorry, if this is answered in the links you sent me -- haven't gotten to
them yet, although I am aware of the Dag Society. I was a bit overwhelmed
by their website. It's frustrating because the process(es) seem part
folklore and part science, like try to track down, say, a 'true' history of
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