Re: New Cyanotype - my first unsuccessful attempt

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OK, I found it; p. 137...

Next question; why, do you think, or any chemists have a clue, would citric
acid cause fading but not nitric or hydrochloric?
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> Hi Christina -
> I don't have a copy of the book with me right now but it is in the last
> section on New Cyanotype. I did put the prints in the dark for about 2
> months but they are still lighter than those that recieved the nitric acid
> treatment. I may have printed them lighter than the others though I
> them being a deep Royal Blue when I framed them.
> Regards, Scott
> > Scott,
> > Can you give a page number for this in James' book? And, did you
> > putting your faded print in the dark for a while? Because i am
> if
> > the fading is due to citric or the tendency for cyano to fade in
> > yet return to original darkness when left out of the sun for a while.
> > Chris
> >
> >
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