Re: New Cyanotype - my first unsuccessful attempt

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Date: 08/19/04-06:32:42 AM Z
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> > Scott said: As for the slight staining I have also run into that and a
2-5% citric
> acid bath will clear it completely. There was some question as to whether
> citric acid will cause the print to fade sooner (as mentioned in the James
> > To that end, I have noticed that a number of prints which were given a
> > citric acid bath were noticably lighter after being displayed in a
> > for a month.
> Loris said: Oops! Then I definitely won't clear in citric acid - I sell
prints sometimes
> and I absolutely don't want them to fade in normal display conditions.
> can you say about citric acid addition into the sensitizer? Can this
> the longevity of the print in the same way?

     Can you give a page number for this in James' book? And, did you try
putting your faded print in the dark for a while? Because i am wondering if
the fading is due to citric or the tendency for cyano to fade in sunlight
yet return to original darkness when left out of the sun for a while.
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