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Date: 08/12/04-01:19:22 PM Z
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I'm using ten plain old FL40-BL bulbs in my burner for Pt/Pd. They work
well for all but the densest of my negatives, and they were only about USD
8.00 each on the Internet. There are more efficient bulbs (efficient at
putting out UV), but they cost more and weren't required in my case.

But to answer your question more directly, next most efficient in ascending
order (from my understanding) are aquarium UV fluorescent, then high output
UV fluorescent, then the HID type bulbs. Some folks use a sunlamp, but I've
heard they run really hot (but so do HID bulbs).

With the fluorescents, you'll need a bunch of them spaced closely together
and placed close to the printing materials. With the HID, you may only need
one with a good reflector, and it can be placed farther from the printing
material. The fluorescents will be more diffused, while the point light
source of the HID will increase apparent sharpness (at least a little) and
work more like printing using sunlight as your source.

-Schuyler Grace

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IŽd also like to know can I use those UV-lamps sold on local aquariumshops.

What type of wavelength I should look after since my main goal is to
make cyanos.

Should it be more UV-B or UV-A? It has been too long since my fysics
classes to remember those details

Also bulb or fluorecent? Single or bunch of them?

Timo Sund
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