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I lived in Dallas all my life until 6 years ago. Labs there are very
savvy and generally high tech. Try Dallas Photo Imaging, The Color
Place, or BWC.


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Subject: (OT)Slight drift: Dallas/Fort Worth Alt-Photo'ers
This is mainly addressed to list members in the Dallas/Fort Worth

Can anyone recommend a good lab or individual who can do quality, high

resolutions scans of 8x10 film? I have some materials from another
wifetime that I would like to get scanned so that I can work with them

digitally. I'm more than happy to provide blank CDs on which to record

the files. (No, I won't be using PhotoShop to "stalinize" the ex-wife
out of the pictures! They're still lifes, anyway...)

What I'm planning is to use them to create some larger digital
for POP and other process.

Thanks! We now return to our normal discussion of gum bichromate

Dennis Moser

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