Off Topic Request - Process for sustained photo-projects

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Date: 08/11/04-08:38:53 PM Z
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Hello All,

I'd like to solict some feedback and attempt to create some guidelines
for (student) photographers embarking on a sustained photo-project.
I'm supervising a class of 12 advanced students who will undertake a
single project for an entire semester. They'll be conceiving,
conceptualizing, planning, budgeting, and executing a final
body/portfolio of 30-40 images. These are undergrads.

I'm interested in the process many of you use to design and complete
similar large bodies of work. Travel to distant lands is not possible,
but otherwise I believe they should have a broad view in the
beginning. I think most of you have been involved in creating series,
so, of equal importance to process is failure, pitfalls, limitations,
and the unforseen problems.

Feel free to email me off-list with your comments.

P.S. A small attempt to stay on topic -- the first student to contact
me about their proposed project was interested in gum printing, with
digital negatives! I was so happy, but I didn't telegraph my joy for
fear of the student thinking it would be a slam-dunk and slacking off.

thanks in advance

Darryl Baird

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