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Thanks Chris and sorry for my previous email error.
By the way the administrator of the website should include your suggestion
on the general rules.
Thanks to Etienne I found the book and bought it too.
Can you give another book name?
I am trying to explain that in order to "see forward" I need to see where
and how nthe whole thing started.
I also said that by Mr. Eastman (or Kodak) incorporating everything on a
single color negative destroyed the artistic portion of the color
photography, yes, it was excelent for "hotdogs" style printing but France
(Mr. Fresson) outsmarted everybody on the artistic side (it should be not
surprising!) .
Let's then start from square one!

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> > Please, where can I have a pick on Hubl's 1916 Three Color Photography ?
> > Any website?
> > Giovanni
> No website, Giovanni; I found it on the shelves at the University of Minn,
> not even in the Rare Books Collection. I was researching gum printing,
> (Von) Hubl was a gum printer along with the biggies in Germany at the
> time--Watzek, Henneberg, Kuehn. So I was sooo excited to find I could
> out this book--and in English! I went to page through it (University of
> Minnesota library is HUGE; I think the biggest library under one roof, so
> you have to walk up and down and all around) and it was all sensitometry
> charts and those kinds of things that Sandy King would read for fun, but
> me it was like reading a technological guide to operating a defunct Kodak
> processing machine. I don't know where you are--Italy, perhaps? But my
> is that you would learn more by doing than by reading this book. And as I
> see you are doing digital negatives from your second post, this book
> probably won't help you.
> If you have access to the British Journal of Photography, the first
> on tricolor gum was in 1906 by Richard Hiecke, pp 305-7, Apr 20.
> Chris
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