Sandy King is holding me hostage....

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OK OK OK , I give up!

The book "went to press" a week ago Friday. I've been promised that the
finished product will be in my hands this coming Friday, which happens to be Friday
the 13th—now I'm not saying that I am a superstitious person, but what do you
want to bet that it won't be ready with a due date like that???

heheheheh anyway, I'll be sending out notice to everyone who has emailed me
wanting notification this week about how to purchase the book. I hope to start
shipping them on Monday, August 16th.

Now....about that Argo Corn Starch method.... Do I add dichromate to the corn
starch? If so, how much?

Mark Nelson

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> Mark,
> I refuse to provide you with any further assistance until you publish your
> book Precision Digital Negatives. Every day I get a message from someone
> wanting to know when the book will be available. As they say, inquiring minds want
> to know.
> BTW, in case you are interested I published some results with AZO from
> digital negatives on the forum, and on the AZO forum. Better not to ask
> any questions about digital stuff on because some of those folks seem
> to think that folks who do anything digital are worse than pedophiles. 
> Meanwhile, about the wrinkles, have you tried Argo Corn Starch? Works great
> on my shirt collars.
> Sandy
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