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Hi all !

HCB's death has caused the predicable amount of reactions here in France. Of course, many radio programs have released some sound archives of HCB's interviews and other photographers and artist' speaking about him, his work, the founding of Magnum agency.

I know that many of you do not speak French, though, it seems useful to indicate you some interesting links about HCB. several of them show a lot of pictures, which do not need linguistic capacities, HCB's images speaking by their own...

in English :
very interesting site of Washington post during the portrait exhibit "tete à tete" of 1999
Magnum site with plenty of info and English version
full of pictures

in French
HCB retrospective exhibit at the Bibliotheque Nationale (2003)
some pictures
the official site of the recently created (2003) Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson which gathers all about HCB : pictures, archives, drawings, books, ...
unfortunately, access to this site may be sometimes very long and even sometimes does not work for whatever reason...
a special page by the different channels of the national radio broadcast Radio France : plenty of links towards sound archives (interviews with HCB, other photographers or biographs or artists about him, etc...)

click on the "Culture" tab and you'll get access to several interesting articles and a small interactive portfolio of HCB images

Hope it helps ...
cheers from France
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