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On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Editor P.O.V. Image Service wrote:

> so you can find both kinds of shirts at major events - we
> had some Bushies at the Kerry event in Philly and at the Scranton event with
> Kerry, Edwards, and Ben Affleck).

But you didn't take their picture....:-(

> ... If you google properly you can get a
> schedule of cities and dates.

If I google properly -- I don't EVER Google PROPERLY, though sometimes I
do stumble on something useful... I'll try...

> ... Once you have that, call the LOCAL Republican
> party organization for that city or county and ask them about tickets for the
> public.
>> I have no more chance of seeing an actual delegate (except maybe at
>> celebitry restaurant at night in shirt & tie) than if I drove up on a
>> humvee flying the French flag and tossing sauteed potatoes...
> Oh, but you are so wrong Grasshoppah...

Very interesting -- we have cicadas in the back yard doing their (quite
charming actually) cicada thing all night. But this Grasshoppah person --
who she?

> I came to the Kerry Campaign from the Dean Campaign. HOWEVER, I ran as a
> Republican for State Assembly in NJ's General Election last year. As a
> result, although I'm actively supporting and working for Kerry (non-photo
> work) I'm also still an Honorary NJ Delegate to the Convention. (yes, it is
> causing some interesting situations in my party... ;-) )

I notice you didn't invite me along as your assistant.... :-(

> They'll likely wear t-shirts at things like convention-viewing parties..
> Delegates won't generally be in t-shirts.. The free-speech zones at the
> convention will have both kinds of shirts as well.. I know part of the
> West-Side Highway was beings set aside for that use too..

I intend to be there, wherever it is.... But I hate to depend on just
those 3 days... What if there's a hurricane?

> If you write me an outline offlist of what you are doing I might be
> able to find you people on both sides of the aisle willing to do it..

I will, thank you ...

> Generally, a NYC Press Pass, without a sponsoring media outlet, is ONLY
> available after you've already had press images published in pretty
> main-stream media.

There's the possiblity of brownie points paying off at five or six degrees
of separation...or not. Then again, maybe everybody will be so terrified
by the terror alerts there won't be anyone here???

> Want to find Republican t-shirts? Head to any taping of any Fox show.. The
> people outside their morning show, or at Hannity and Colmes for example..
> Also, try hanging around outside the offices of WABC Radio..

I will do all those things, except none of those places is in the yellow
pages... Who are Hannity and Coles? (OK, I'll google them.)

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