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Congratulations Catherine! I have an 848 and I love it!

Mark Nelson

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> Hi All,
> I know the subject of Imacon scanners has been chewed over and is rather
> well worn but I felt that I owed it to the list to report that my Imacon
> Flextight Photo scanner (and G5 + OSX 3 point something) is now ALL working.
> Joy oh joy! Perhaps my dancing and singing with delight at having something
> that really works can be heard on the other side of the world? I'm almost in
> heaven!
> It has been over 18 months now since I bought this expensive scanner, and I
> confess that I still do not know how to operate it all that well yet, but
> things are improving. With absolutely no thanks to the (sole) distributer
> here in Australia who are the most unhelpful people on earth, but all thanks
> to a little Mac dealer right down the road (I can't believe that help was so
> close at hand) who persisted for several months, ringing Denmark and
> sourcing the desired gizmo - it all works.
> My original complaint, about which I wrote to the list seeking suggestions
> last year, was easily fixed by the Mac mob down the road and simply involved
> tightening a pulley or somesuch. I was assured that there wasn't much inside
> a scanner anyway. Huh!Well, that's a computer geek for you. I can't believe
> it was so easy after sending the machine back to the dealer 3 times with no
> result. The local Mac mob also found a suitable SCSI to firewire connection
> which is called 2nd Wave (written just like that). And voila! Thanks too to
> all those who kindly made suggestions and also made me laugh when I didn't
> feel like laughing.
> Dust, schmust - (sorry Jack) - that's nothing - it works, it really works!
> Actually, dust has not been much of a problem at all and I don't know why.
> Maybe the goddesses have come good and I have paid my computer dues. Well,
> that was until my PC laptop crashed at about the same time the Mac and
> scanner was up and running - IBM wiped the hard disk and everything went out
> the windoze 2000. I am trying XP now. Sigh.
> Anyway, I am in digital heaven for the moment, but I fully understand that
> this is only a temporary state.
> cheers
> Catherine
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