Re: OT: Stable Mac OS releases

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/04/04-01:00:04 AM Z
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On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Eric Nelson wrote:

> And one other major fault (to me) Etienne.
> When you empty the trash, the dialog has been
> minimized to say "are you sure you want to empty the
> trash" or something to that effect as compared to 9.xx
> where it not only asks you that but also tells you you
> are about to throw away 4300 items which use 1.3 gigs
> of space......this has saved my digital posterior
> enumerable times and seems like a warning that should
> be a no-brainer for any OS.

That certainly puts the kabosh on 10 for me... That is an extremely
useful feature also as a way to tell the size of a folder. I put it in
the trash, press "empty," and get the figure, then take it out again.
Haven't lost one yet, but have gotten very helpful info.

However, my vote for most pernicious feature is a program where if you
select some copy to perform a function (eg removing paragraph returns from
e-mail download) the evil digiton asks (demands?) if it should continue
through the rest of the file. If I wanted that I would have selected
"all" in the first place, but if my attention wavers for a nanosecond,
I'll press the highlighted "yes" button and instantly lose all formatting.

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