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Date: 08/03/04-11:39:07 AM Z
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I have used Mac computers since the very early days of Mac (Mac Plus,
SE, MAC II, IIc, 8600 Powerbook, G3 desktop, and now a G3 powerbook
and G4 desktop). Crashes, which required complete re-boot of the
machine, always plagued me with the Mac operating system, right up
through 9.2 on both a G3 Powerbook and a G4 desktop. Since I have
moved to OS 10 I have not had a single crash of the operating system
working with the G3 powerbook and G4 desktop. From time to time a
program will lock up but the force quit option of OS X allows one to
shut down the program without affecting the system software itself. I
am now running 10.2.8.

I use a Windows XP laptop as well and would comment that this
operating system is also very solid. I have not had a single crash
of the system or any program with this machine since I got it in late


>Trainwreck, indeed...while 8.6 was a gem on the IIci, on m 8500 it
>was showing its' weaknesses. 9.2.2 has run beautifully on 8500.
>The 9 series on the Rev.B iMac was another story...when I moved it
>up to 10.2.8, it was great though.
>Personally, I LOVE OS X! The only time I run the non-X OS is on my
>8500 (the 8500 is one of the problem-children of the Unsupported OS
>X machines...I haven't had a lot of luck with it, unlike the 7600
>which has been running OS X quite gracefully).
>Pam Niedermayer wrote:
>>Dennis, I"ve been a Mac software developer for 19 years (and a
>>software developer for 34 years). MacOS was a patched wreck waiting
>>to happen, day in and day out. Its only saving grace was the
>>interface and the fact that even it was superior to Windows. I've
>>also been a user of many types of applications, such as graphics.
>>Memory management, or lack thereof, continuously got in the way.
>>Maybe 8.6 was the best of the MacOS's, I'll leave that for you to
>>debate, I tend to prefer 9.2.n; but I no longer boot into MacOS.
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