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Date: 08/03/04-08:19:58 AM Z
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I agree -- sys 8 was great in combination with the older Macs. I ran a IIci
for 7 years with 3 major graphics programs on it on a 40mb hard drive --
very much pared down, but it was flawless until I bought a clone. I now
have a G4, and it works fine. I'll install OSX when I "have to" -- after
almost 20 years of keeping up with the latest I've decided to go with "what
works for me". :)

At 08:59 AM 8/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>No, she's not kidding...8.6 WAS an extremely robust and steady OS on
>pre-Power PC Macs such as the IIci's and Quadras...but that was the
>problem, the Power PCs were a move away from that and required something
> of the problems was Apple maintaining backwards-compatibility
>with all that old hardware (I still have three IIci's and a Quadra 950...).
>One thing to remember is that, underneath the "hood", OS X is really a
>UNIX operating system and they are noted for their stability (we ran a
>IIci with NetBSD UNIX on it for a year before needing to reboot it!).
>Pam Niedermayer wrote:
>>You've got to be kidding! No, and I mean NO, version of Mac OS has ever
>>been as reliable as OSX, on which I'm booted for months, not hours,
>>without a crash, or even hint of a crash. That alone is worth the price
>>of admission (a new Mac). Now 9.2.2 is also very good, and I'm with you
>>on the upgrades issue (still run all the major graphics and publishing
>>apps in 9); but....
>>Judy Seigel wrote:
>>>IMO, the last good system was 8.6 -- it did everything wonderfully,
>>>NEVER crashed, was kind and considerate and sensible. ...
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