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Date: 08/03/04-12:29:01 AM Z
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On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Keith Gerling wrote:

> "people like McCain, Kean, Schwarzenegger,
> Giuliani, Bloomberg, and Pataki can end this silliness within my party."
> 'cept those aren't the powerholders. They are just the people the put up
> front as decoration.

As an echt New Yorker I must mention... Pataki would probably not get
re-elected in this state, he's just pulled a really dirty deal and only
won last time because the opposition was so weak.

McCain is anti-choice.

Giuliani is another who probably wouldn't have been re-elected -- he was
of course great after 9/11, but that can't wipe out the many serious
serious serious problems with his administration (like screaming bloody
blue murder about an artwork in the Brooklyn Museum as anti-catholic,
trying to close the Brooklyn Museum because of it-- only stopped by the
courts -- appointing a "decency board" with such art stars as Curtis
Sliwa (!), while he was openly -- flagrantly -- carrying on an adulterous
affair while mayor.... etc. etc. etc...)

Bloomberg is also going off the deep end -- plugging a stadium that is
EXTREMELY unpopular with voters, and now losing more points over the
demonstrations he won't permit... I voted for him, but not sure I would



> The true voice is that of Tom DeLay, Rick Santorum - people like that. And
> they ain't "silly".
> "I'm closing my participation in the political part of this
> thread"
> Me too.

yeah me too...
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