Re: Best way to buy Platino-Palladiotype chemicals

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A lot of good things have been said so far let me see if I can add to the

1. I started printing well over 20 years ago and after seeing Dick Sullivan
mix chemistry, I do not have the urge to do it. Soooo I just call and talk to
Melody (the other half or the boys) and order my drugs of choice. Am I
concerned about price yes!!! Do I like dealing with friends yes!!!!!! If I
have a problem I just get on the phone (in the old days I just went to Van
Nays an got what I wanted.) Problems never, thought I had one and B&S
replaced it at once.

2. If you are interested in people helping you get started there are a number
of us that teach workshops find someone that is close by and work with them!!
Getting started and getting results are IMPORTANT work with someone.

3. When you feel you know it all guess what you don't. It is nice to have
someone to call. In my life's work I have all ways picked service over price.
Do I use a fair amount of stuff I have.

4. If you are in the west Bill Lavin, Kerik K, Myself and a number of others
do WS. Going east Dick Arents, Clay Harmon, Eric Neilson, Mark Nelson, Bob
Hurbst. May be even Sandy King or Tillman Crane. If you are across the pond
you are on your own.

I hope this helps

Jan Pietrzak

> From: Jeff Dilcher <>
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> Subject: Best way to buy Platino-Palladiotype chemicals
> Hello,
> I have decided to jump into working in the Platino-Palladiotype process,
> after doing some research and reading from various sources.
> I have been studying an online guide authored by Dr. Mike Ware, which
> seems to be very well written.
> He mentions needing the following materials:
> Ammonium Iron(III) Oxalate 30g
> Ammonium Tetrachloroplatinate(II) 5g
> Ammonium Chloride 1.8g
> Palladium(II) Chloride 3g
> for making up the sensitizing solution.
> Here are my questions:
> Is there a concensus for a source for these materials at a competitive
> Do I save much by mixing myself as opposed to trying one of the "kits"
> by Bostick & Sullivan or Photo formulary?
> Does anyone, who is familar with the article I referred to, have any caveats
> they can think of, considering I might be using this article as a guide?
> I am reasonably methodical, and hope to minimize as many beginner mistakes
> as possible.
> Thanks in advance for your comments!
> -Jeff
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