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I had a Van Dyke Brown print that I didn't much like, so I decided
to do a little test on it.

Last January I coated the bottom half of the print with Future Floor
wax, and then cut the image in half vertically. I stored one side (the
right side) of the picture in a drawer and I stapled the left side of the
picture to a wall outside the house.

The other day I noticed that the outdoor print had been torn in two
by a recent storm, but I was able to recover the missing piece. I
assembled all the pieces, scanned them, and put them on my
home page.

The main thing I found was that the paper is subject to attack by
mold, fungus, or mildew, and darkened considerably in the
weather. The image itself, however, has not faded at all. The future
floor wax turned a sort of moldy green outdoors at first, but that
color faded by the end of the 6 month test.

I'm concluding that Van Dyke Brown images must be pretty fade
resistant -- this experiment seems to me to be pretty stern stuff.

You can see the results at my home page which is:


To the right of my email address is a small blank box. Click it to go
to the Photography/VDB_Age.htm page. The left side of the image
is the outdoor side. The right side lived on a shelf next to the
telephone for the duration of the test.

Inquiring minds and all that ...

Gary Nored
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