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Date: 08/01/04-10:27:49 AM Z
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On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Etienne Garbaux wrote:

> Hard to say until you elaborate on "making prints for a folder." The
> general rule of thumb is that for decently high quality inkjet prints you
> need to print the pixels at 200 per inch or more. By this metric, a 3.2 Mp
> image can be printed up to 8x10". (I generally consider printing the
> pixels 300 per inch necessary for high quality, by which metric 3.2 Mp will
> giver prints approximately 5x7".) 5 Mp gives roughly 10.5x13" prints at
> 200 PPI and 6.5x9" prints at 300 PPI.

Etienne, would you describe "decently high quality" somewhat more
concretely? I admit I can't help wondering about it in a day when Diana
camera, pinhole camera, etc. are in vogue... (Or is that so last year???)

Assuming the image is still readable, what are the benefits? And what are
the pitfalls of interpolation?????

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