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Date: 04/30/04-01:47:27 PM Z
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I'm not aware of any other Canadian chemical retailers. One thing that
raises the cost of bringing chemicals to Canada is the brokerage fees
charged by most couriers. If I need to order something from outside
Canada I try to get it sent parcel post. Canada Post only charges a $5.00
brokerage fee. Problem is that is not quick, and many suppliers
won't/can't ship parcel post.

BTW Fotochem and Johny Dierre are the same company.

Speaking of Canadian Chemical suppliers, does anyone have a Canadian
supplier of Dimezone? Xenex can get it to me for ~$1,000/kg


> Alistair Calder wrote:
> > I am new to alternative processes, but I am interested in Cyanotypes,
> > Pt/Pd and Gum Bichromate processes. I have looked around to find a
> > Canadian distributor that would be able to retail the required
> > materials, but I have yet to find one.
> > Does anyone have any contacts here in Canada? If not, are there
> > Canadians here who order from the US? Is it easy?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Alistair

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