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     I've never seen mordancage associated with potassium permanganate
(purple) but copper chloride (bright blue). I have seen potassium
permanganate associated with dye mordanting, though, but only as one choice
of many other possibilities. Also with the "bleach out" process, where you
draw with india ink or some other permanent mark making tool and then bleach
out the print with it, leaving only the marks behind. I suppose also that
you would use it in toning processes, but there are other more readily
available bleaches to use.
     What actually did you do with the process? Did it produce an etch in
relief, or did it just bleach the print with no relief formed? Did you ink
it up (bromoil)? I don't think potassium permanganate "etches" (produces
relief), but just bleaches. Copper chloride etches.
     If you figure it out I'd love to know.

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> Liam and Jonathan,
> Thank you for your help with finding the name of the process I was trying
> remember. Both of your suggestions sound very close and may indeed be
> I'm looking for.
> While visiting PROFOTOS.COM I found the chemical Potassium permanganate
> that rings a bell as far as one of the chemicals used. I'll have to do a
> little more searching.
> I appreciate your assistance.
> Marilyn
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