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If I'm remembering correctly color indexing can't be done in 16 bit mode, instead it has to be convereted to 8 bit in pre-CS (8.0) Photoshop.


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Thanks for posting the link to Keith Schreiber's site.

I have a question and wonder if Kerik or anyone else who makes
negatives this way might address. Most everyone indicates that there
are considerably benefits from starting with a 16-bit file and
keeping it in 16-bit all the way through printing. But Keith's method
appears to require conversion of the 16-bit file to 8-bit for color
indexing. Is there something unique about color indexing that reduces
or eliminates the disadvantages that normally ensue from conversion
of files from 16-bit to 8-bit?

>Since last week's e-mails covering Keith Schreiber's colorization method for
>ink jet negatives I have discovered that Keith has now updated his web site
>with an illustrated explanation of his inkjet negative workflow.
>Visit Keith's website and get the details.
>Don Bryant
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