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Hi Juan,
Why making things so complicated; I am using for over 10 years DEKTOL
as a developer for bromoil. Especially the not fresh one (the one you
would normally discard) is excellent for sabattier-effect, also if
you intend to make a matrix for bromoil.

>Hello to all,
>I am using the following developer for paper, my final impression will be
>Water................... 1000 cc
>Metol................... 22,- gr
>Sodium Sulfito.......... 75,- gr
>Hidroquinona............ 17,- gr
>Carbonate potasico...... 65,- gr
>Bromide potásico........ 28,- gr
>1. - I heat water and I dissolve a small quantity of sodium sulfito.
>2. - I dissolve the metol.
>3. - I add the rest of sodium sulfite.
>4. - I add the hidroquinona.
> once dissolved the hidroquinona, and before adding the sodium
>he/she takes place kind of a nebula in the liquid and when he/she cools
>down, in the surface
>of the liquid he/she appears kind of a "star" (crystallized).
> If after this, warm the liquid again, that nebula disappears and again
>he/she appears when the liquid cools down.
> Which the cause is?
> Thank you.
> Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.

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