MIS Color Inks & Ultrafine

From: Gary Nored ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/25/04-11:21:19 AM Z
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Has anyone tried this material with the MIS COLOR ink set? In an
Epson 2200?

I do so want to believe that Ultrafine will solve my digital neg
problems, but ...

A couple of years ago someone recommended some film (don't
remember what -- I've lost the wrapper now). I drove 70 miles to
San Antonio to get it. It looks like drafting mylar. It positively repels
both dye and pigment inks.

Then someone said that the Arista film worked just fine, so I
bought a bunch of that (for an Epson 870). Worthless! the ink
clumps severely, at any application rate, and the clumping shows
in my Van Dyke Browns.

Then I got the 2200 printer, but had to install the MIS color ink
system. The MIS color ink clumps on Pictorico and on the "drafting
film." I haven't tried the black-only approach because, well, the
black-only prints I've tried weren't worth keeping ... ok -- the back of
the paper still works well for scratch :-)

So I'm hoping someone else has tried this particular combination.

Gary Nored
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