RE: 8x10 scans on a Epson 2200

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Date: 04/25/04-10:12:27 AM Z
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I'm not sure how you could do that since the Epson 2200 is a printer not a

But to answer your question more generally, you cannot use an external light
source to scan transparency material on a flatbed scanner with any sort of
quality. The scanner light source has to be synchronized with the scan head
and has to be digital not analog to eliminate little squiggly lines in your

For an inexpensive scanner solution for 8x10 look for an Agfa DuoScan

Don Bryant

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> Hi,
> I have a Omega 8x10 Dicroic Enlarger head. If I used that as a
> light source to back light a 8x10 transparency could I scan a complete
> 8x10 transparency on a Epson 2200?
> Thanks,
> John Cremati
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