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Date: 04/24/04-01:43:48 AM Z
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Thank you Don, Jack, Ryuji and Richard to answer my e-mail on the developing
Ethol LPD.
My intention is to use this developer for my works of Bromoleo.
The one that I am using at the moment is:
Distilled water 50ºC. 1000 ml.
Metol 22 gr.
Sulfito Sodium 75 gr.
Hidroquinona 17 gr.
I carbonate Potásico 65 gr.
Bromide Potásico 28 gr.

I am proving with dilution 1:8 and 1:3 on paper BROMOFOR of Forte.
- When I add the Carbonate Potásico, does he/she take place kind of a
"precipitate" of milky aspect that disappears increasing the temperature,
but has the solution cooled down once, does he/she return again to take
place. - What is this?, can it influence in the results?.
When he/she has my tests, I will communicate them the results.

Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.
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