Re: neutral B/W with Centennial POP paper?

Date: 04/23/04-03:33:24 PM Z
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I have not toned POP papers, but I have used palladium toners. They tend
to stain gelatine layer (POP papers are gelatine based)and are very
difficult to get rid of. You will end up with a nicely toned image, but a
nasty overall yellow stain. As far as memory serves me platinum would be a
better choice for toner, but I would have to look through my notebooks.
Marek M

> On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Andrey Vorobyov @ wrote:
>> Hello,
>> does anybody know how to get neutral (or close to neutral) Black and
>> White tone on Centennial POP paper?
>> Untoned prints are rather orange, gold toned become cool purple..
> Palladium toning does a netural black, I believe there may be others. A
> lot of it has to do with whether the toner is alkaline & which alkali-- I
> remember John Yang saying the difference in the way gold tones (whether
> pinkish or neutral) is whether sodium carbonate or borax in the toner ...
> I have an article on that (or partly on that) coming up in #9, but it's
> at the printer now & the info is scattered into a drawer of drafts... When
> I am less scattered I'll confirm or elaborate -- but meanwhile, doesn't
> Chicago Albumen Works address this in its instructions?
> Judy
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