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>To make 4 liters of stock solution use:

>3L of distilled water 50C - 125F
>180g Sodium Sulfite
>50g Hydroquinone
>270g Sodium Carbonate
>2g Phenidone
>7.5g Potassium Bromide
>1g Benzotriazole

>Add water to make 4 liters.

>Don Bryant

> I'm not where I can look up the formula but, by memory, it seems to
me that this is essentially >identical to Ilford ID-62 (Bromophen).

Richard is almost correct.
Water 750 mls 3 liters
Sod. Sulfite 50 grams 200
Hydroquinone 12 48
Sod. Carbonate 60 240
Phenidone .5 2
Pot. Bromide 2 8
Benzotriazole .2 .8

Jack Fulton

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