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I intuited this! I now know you are clinically insane it doesnąt matter
because I believe in every word. What are you guys smoking over there?


> Hi Pete,
> I'm glad you asked.
> Well Groundhog Day sorta like Easter, but a little bit earlier‹on February
> 2nd in the United States. If Jesus, ooops, I mean the groundhog (not "ground
> hog" or suasage made thereof), comes out of his burrow (just slightly smaller
> than the last residence of Saddam Hussein) and sees his shadow, that means
> there will be 6 more weeks of bad weather and he returns to his burrow in a
> fit of
> bad tempera for a bit more hibernation and everyone is depressed. If the
> groundhog doesn't see his shadow, then Spring has arrived and everyone is
> happy.
> It all seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? It would seem that this
> tradition has its roots in ancient European peegan myths and holidays.
> The most famous porcine prognosticator is Punxsutawney Phil ‹
>, who resides in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Each
> year on February
> 2nd, there is a celebration held around his burrow and television cameras
> record his emergence and response to the weather. It seems that Phil has
> been
> doing this for decades, which defies the current data regarding the longevity
> of groundhogs. There are records of Phil's performances dating back to 1887,
> when he first emerged from his burrow located at Gobbler's Knob (repeat that 3
> times very fast).
> This year, 2004, Phil Saw his shadow, as did everyone else‹there were,
> however, no Weapons of Mass Destruction observed in or near the burrow, though
> "W"
> and Cheney have not given up on the search yet.
> I am not sure of the exact derivation of the word Punxsutawney, which is
> eggstremely difficult to pronounce, but it probably has roots in some obscure
> hybrid of Dutch and Native American culture.
> There was also a movie by the name of "Groundhog Day", which starred Bill
> Murray. It was shot in a small town near where I live in Illinois. Due to
> recent tornadoes (31 in a 3 hour period near Chicago) this past week, there
> are
> fewer small towns near where I live in Illinois.
> Unlike Easter, on Groundhog Day, women do not feel some primal urge to adorn
> their heads with eggstravagant hattery.
> I hope this answers your questions regarding Groundhog Day and you now
> understand eggsactly how this important holiday is interwoven with American
> culture
> and tradition.
> Mark Nelson
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>> Mark,
>> I just know that I am going to regret this question !!!!! But what is
>> Groundhog Day ? I am very eggcited to find out
>> Pete >;--<<
> Mark Nelson
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> Fruit flies like a banana.
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