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Sounds like fun!

Is the Egg Tempera Print Shadow Day anything similar to Groundhog Day here in
the United States?
Or not eggsactly the same thing?

Mark Nelson

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> Hi all.
> Each year I spend my summer at an International Art Centre in northern Spain
> called Masia Can Serrat, close to the bustling city of Barcelonia.
> Teaching my process and enjoying myself. Last year I started a new class
> structure that I call: --
> Egg tempera print shadow day. Which the residents passing through the Centre
> seemed to like. There is so much art-related activity at the Centre a
> one-day workshop fitted into a holiday programme just fine.
> If anyone on this list who would be interested The shadow days will be
> arranged on demand from the 6 May to the 30 Oct or on any day in between by
> mutual agreement.
> This a One to One workshop
> Comprehensive further information can be found on the following website
> For any further information could you please contact me off list
> Thanks
> Pete

Mark Nelson
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