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Craig Zammiello wrote:

>> Hasn't Wilhelm been proven to be completly full of bull, changing
>> ratings according to what company is currently sponsering him?
>> Craig Z.

Henry and I have had our differences. He may be a self-created and
self-promoted expert. But, he still is one of the top sources of data
on archival storage and media life, as well as probably a singular
recognized expert in the field. I've never seen any of his released
information that was purposefully less than accurate. As others have
said, his sole problems in the past have been: failure to test for
certain conditions, some interminable delays in the publishes versions
of data, and my general agita at the fact that vendors pay for the
studies and pay MORE if they intend for the results to be published..
The latter is not factual impropriety, it just discounts IMHO somewhat
what would otherwise be a much stronger image of independence.

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