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Judy Seigel wrote:

> Cobalt blue has been a staple of painting for a long time, and so
>have photographs of such paintings - if the color didn't photograph
>accurately -- ie too little or too much IR in the photographic light --
>wasn't such a big deal. Everybody knew it was a photograph, a
>reproduction, not the real thing -- & not perfectly replicating the real
>But an inkjet print IS the real thing (for better or worse as the case may
>be). And this kind of flaw or weakness in the *object itself* would be a
>much bigger deal.
Awesome insight Judy!.. and a point I will keep in mind from hereon...

It plays into something I had been thinking, that the metamerism and
archival qualities of inkjet output has only become more of an issue as
the actual inkjet prints become accept as object d'art themselves.. The
fact that such discussions find themselves as apropos topics for an
alt-photo list says a great deal of how far such prints have come in
terms of acceptance in such a few years.. Of course, as the acceptance
grows, and digital prints become the new norm, that too will change..

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