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These two programs might be worth looking at:

3d object converter



Either one can read in a bitmap image and output and stl file. I don't
know if they will actually convert a bitmap file to a stl file

stl is a description of an object using a mesh of triangles. The program
will have to interpret the image as a texture. I have no idea if it
would work.

You may have to use some sort of intermediary program to convert an image
into a structure that a cad program could understand. Maybe ImageJ


On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Barry Kleider wrote:

> Here's a wild problem:
> I need to convert one of my digital photos to a .stl file - the file type used in CAD programs.
> Has anyone ever done this sort of thing?
> I'm doing some more of those tactile graphics - bas relief and such - and came across a Titan FDM from Stratysys. It's a machine which is used to make 3D prototypes from CAD files.
> I'm guessing, but here's my logic: my photo image and the the CAD image share some common parameters in that they are both visual maps.... Isa there a way to save them in .stl format?
> OR I may need to print out my .TIF or .JPEG files and load them into a CAD program as scans.
> (Maybe I just solved my own problem.)
> Barry
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