Re: printing problems with epson 1270

From: Sam Tischler ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/20/04-11:29:29 AM Z
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I have a 1270 that has the same problem. After
struggling with it for a while I bought an "epson head
cleaning kit" from for $10.00.
The kit has a thing of cleaning solution and a
syringe. I took the cartridge out and fit the syringe
right over the head and flushed it out. I had to do it
a few times due to the fact that i was probably
babying the printer. Finally after I worked up the
nerve to really flush it out good it has fixed the
problem. Every now and then it does come back but I
just reflush it out and it works again.

My theory of what causes the problem for me is that a
small amount of ink is drying in the head ( I am in
New Mexico ) and making it stick open. The flushing
basically clears out the dried ink and allows the head
to close properly. For some reason it is always the
magenta. Anyway I have no idea if I am right about why
it works, but it works for me so for $10 it may be
worth a try.

--- Carmen Lizardo <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have an Epson 1270 that I really love, but lately
> its been printing with horizontal magenta lines
> thought part of the image. Ive cleaned the print
> heads, aligned the printer, print only in grayscale,
> but nothing works!
> Should I throw my printer away?
> Thank you kindly,
> Carmen
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