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Date: 04/20/04-07:31:52 AM Z
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Good morning all!
     This list was so quiet this weekend I thought Gordon had kicked me off
the list ;)
     In my self-appointed role as catalog queen, I was reading for pleasure
through the Jerry's Artarama catalog. In there I saw a much coveted Badger
Hair Blender, a very soft, flexible brush used for smoothing out brush marks
when doing gum, which all the old books mentioned. I thought of Charles
Ryberg and his uneven gum coats. Unfortunately, the 2-4" sizes were $75-150
so for me it was a no-go.
     Then, in an odd place (p. 239, with the faux finish stuff, cat no.
59390) there was an LW15 Badger Hair Softener for $18 for a 4"! 2" is $11,
3" is $15. Size matters; I bought the 4".
     At first I wasn't going to tell the list about it--obviously not
because I keep all my gum secrets to myself, but because it shed hairs like
mad. I combed it and pulled on it and then did the superglue trick (lots)
at the base of the brush where the hairs are affixed. Presto, very nice
brush. Works great, especially when you are doing 12 gums at once as I am
this morning. Can you tell final review is a week from today?
     More on paper choices and glutyaraldehyde later when I catch my breath.
It's amazing what you discover when doing a couple hundred gum prints in a
short span of time.
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