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Hi Tom,

Send me your adress Email and i repond to you

My adresse email is
mineurdecharbon@skynet.be or http://users.skynet.be/philippe.berger


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Hi again Phillippe,
Thank you for your answer. I'm very sorry about my delayed reply. I've
had to let alt.photo rest for a while, in part due to illness in my
family (nothing serious, but taking its time).
I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a PDF copy instead? 60
Euro is a bit much right now (I may have to wait a couple of months),
and I will have to scan the book to run it through an automatic
translator anyway (as I said, I don't read French). If you could sell me
a file, at least I don't have to scan it... Money orders are not
awailable in Norway,- Would it be possible to use a wire transfer, or
even better: PayPal?
Best regards,
Tom Einar
philippe berger wrote:
> Hello Tom,
> My book in not on Amazon because i manufacture and i sell my book myself
> Thanks for your interest in my book *"Le procédé Color"* which explain:
> The color process (Sury),
> The color gum dichromated process and The multilayer gum with only one
> final development (Berger Process)
> To order it from the USA, The better way is to send me an international
> money order of 60€ (Sixty Euro),
> Please no send a bank cheque because it is the end of this utilization
> in the bank of Belgium
> Please send the international money order at my adress:
> Philippe Berger
> 19, rue du Grand Pré
> B - 4170 Comblain-au-Pont
> Belgium
> As soon as I'll receive the international money order, I will send you
> the book
> If you buy my book, i send also for you with him a little original
> picture of a Color Process image of me
> A color image is:
> http://users.skynet.be/philippe.berger/projetberger8.jpg
> Best regards
> Philippe
> http://users.skynet.be/philippe.berger
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> Thanks a lot Alberto and Philippe!
> Philippe,
> I tried locating your book at Amazon, but without any luck. Where can I
> buy it?
> Best regards,
> Tom Einar
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