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> I usually print black ink only, so no metamerism issue.
> For my own work though, I'm moving away from inkjet prints.
> I rarely print color except for clients. I don't care for it.
I'm assuming you would prefer bright white, instead of a natural/off
white paper.. If so:

Hawk Mountain Papers Osprey, Nighthawk, and Merlin (your choice will be
mostly based on touch/feel)
PremierArt Hot Press
RedRiver Polar Art
Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308 and/or German Etching (MediaStreet Renaissance
is Hahnemuhle PhotoRag)
Moab Entrada
EPSON Velvet Fine Art
EPSON Enhanced Matte (for proofing or display where prints will not be
handled - it just feels blah to me)

PermaJet has a soon to be released paper that would be worth looking at:

Permajet Alpha Natural White.. It supposedly has a PhotoRag like dMax.. (according to those who have tested it)

If not, I would have some additional suggestions..

Here's some info from Clayton Jones on warmth of the various Hawk
Mountain papers:

"Epson Velvet fine Art - very warm
H. Photo Rag - moderate warm
Hawk Mtn Merlin Smooth - slightly warm
Hawk Mtn Condor Bright W hite - neutral, looks really black"

Keith Krebs

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