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I found this on internet:
"ox gall, oxgall or ox-gall - A waterless, oil- and water-soluble,
translucent, nearly transparent brown liquid, ox gall is the bile taken from
the gall bladder of a cow. It is used with watercolors, in engraving, in
marbling, and in lithography as a wetting agent -- reducing what's called
the "surface tension" of liquids, improving water's ability to penetrate and
be absorbed. It is also used in the marbling of paper to more smoothly
disperse oil color on the size. Ox gall has a long history of use, but often
replacing them today are modern synthetic wetting agents available from art
supply dealers (photographic and general chemical supply dealers too) in
bottle, dropper-bottle, and aerosol forms. Ox gall and other wetting agents
are also employed to eliminate pin-holes in gesso surfaces, by mixing it
into the gesso before the gesso is applied. Also see absorption, binder, and

You can also try and search for ox-gall.

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Translating an old text has more than enough coal printing, the word appears
"OX-GALL" that translates you as "BILE OF OX."

Can somebody explain the meaning of "ox-gall"?.
What product can it be similar at the present time?.

Thank you.

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