Re: Am I doing something wrong with this 8x10 development?

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   This 'red' tint is some sort of magenta dye placed in the film. For
what I don't quite know
but perhaps it is to aid in exposure control.
   Many have stated a long fixing time: twice the clearing of the milky
appearance where normally
it is but clearing of the milky appearance doubled.
   Others have said up to a 30 minute wash.
   Others yet constant agitation in a hypo-clear agent.
   I have found a short rinse in water @ 85-95 F rids it totally. The
higher temperature does not
increase grain nor even a hint of reticulation. The film(s) are
manufactured with a hardened
   The Ilford company recommends the following for archival washing. If
you precede that with a
rinse in 90 F water you will have clean archivally processsed T-Max
film w/no magenta tint.

        ILFORD ARCHIVAL WASH (w/my hot water pre-rinse added as #1)
1. Fill tank w/90F water and agitate for 20 times. Dump.
2. Fill tank w/75F water, agitate 5 times, dump.
3. Fill, agitate ten times, dump.
4. Fill, agitate twenty times, dump.

After that you have archival washed film.
Personally, I add the following steps:

5. PermaWash, agitate for 1 minute, dump.
6. Fill, agitate twenty times, dump.
7. Fill, add Photo-Flo, hang to dry

Jack Fulton
> I developed two sheets of 8x10 T-Max 100 today (my first EVER large
> format
> shots! Yay!) and there's a slight red tinge to the emulsion. I used
> Ilfosol-S for 7.5 minutes. I've had a lot of experience with Tri-X
> 400 and
> Acros 100 using this developer for 120/220 but I've never seen this
> effect
> on the emulsion before. Note that I have never shot T-Max 100,
> developed
> it, or printed from it before.
> Is this damaging? Does anyone have a better reccomended developer for
> this
> film? I'll probably switch to my Tri-X standby once I exhaust my
> stash of
> T-Max but why waste the film? Does the red tint have any contrast
> effect on
> the prints? I wonder if this would be preferable for Pl/Pd?
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