POP bubbles?

From: Rich ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/16/04-08:15:01 PM Z
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I'm hoping someone can offer a clue to this problem.

I just looked at my latest Centennial POP print. I thought it was going to be good. Looked okay
wet. Then I noticed what looked like heavy dust. Looked closer and it turned out to be thousands
of pin-point bubbles in the emulsion. This is the 6th or so print I've done out of this box of paper. All
the prior ones worked great. All the same chemicals & procedures, except...

This one I tooned for twice as long because the platinum toner apparently went a little weak. So I
let it go for 25 minutes or so before washing & fixing. That was the only difference in the actual
processing for the other 5.

Then I ait dried this one using brand new print screens. I thought they would be better than the
botter I used for the previous prints...

Could this have been cause by being in the toner too long? It's a citic acid based toner. Or using
the drying screens? The screens seem to be the recommended method but I've never used them
before this print.

I'll try again tomorrow, but if there is a deffinite cause of these pin-point bubbles, I would sure love
to know.

Thnka for any help...

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