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Date: 04/16/04-01:03:04 PM Z
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A while ago, I made the mistake of purchasing a used 1270 on ebay. I saw much the same behavior of printing horizontal lines across the paper with every pass of the head. Even if the document was in black, I got colored lines (I forget the color) across the page. After cleaning everything, I took it to an Epson service place, where I was informed that the heads were cracked and basically ink was leaking out on every pass.

He thought this could be caused by forcing an ink cartridge in. He gave me an estimate of $200 or so to repair it, which, added to what I had already paid, was close to the cost of a new 1280. After much consternation and arguing, PayPal "convinced" the seller to take it back and refund me my money. (The seller relisted it eventually as selling it for parts.)

Bill Leigh
> Hello everyone,
> I have an Epson 1270 that I really love, but lately
> its been printing with horizontal magenta lines
> thought part of the image. Iíve cleaned the print
> heads, aligned the printer, print only in grayscale,
> but nothing works!
> Should I throw my printer away?
> Thank you kindly,
> Carmen
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