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Date: 04/15/04-03:02:18 PM Z
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Hello Tom,
Thanks a lot for the info. By the way, I hope you have a Zeiss lense
on your Sony and not a Ziess one :-)

>Hello Henk, I was explaining "why" some lenses are better, I was not
>disagreeing with you :-)
>Many existing 35mm lenses are quite good with DSLRs. Some are not. I
>suspect we will see more and better lenses for digital soon. In fact
>it has already started. Look at Tamron marketing the DI lens line ,
>Nikon marketing DX lenses, and Sigma with their DC line. Also the
>whole new 4/3 standard systems.
>You can do very good work with existing film camera lenses, you just
>have to test or research first. You can't assume a great film lens
>is a great digital lens.
>DPreview is a great site for info and discussions on digital

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