benefit of digital camera (lense quality)

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Tom wrote:

>Most if not all digital sensors have millions of tiny (very very
>tiny) lenses built into the chip. Your image gets collected by the
>camera lens and sent to the "film/sensor" plane, then it goes
>through the chip lenses into the chip sensors. Yes, this has
>something to do with your question.

Dear Tom....I would say you are talking about the treatment of the
info after passing the lense. Isn't the the whole chain of quality
items of interest for the final result?

>These chip lenses work best with light hitting them reasonably
>straight on. Too oblique an angle and your resolution goes down.
>So, for digital (not film), the exit pupil of a lens is a major
>consideration. This is most true for wide angle lenses. Often a
>great film lens is a mediocre digital lens, and a mediocre film lens
>can be a great dig lens. many folks love the Sigma wide angle zooms
>on digital cameras. No-one would suggest that Sigma makes Leica
>quality glass (or even Nikon or Canon quality glass). But through
>luck or forward looking design, their wide angle glass has bigger
>exit pupils than normal.

But...isn't this the point I want to make: special designed lenses
for dig. would be a pre for the quality of the dig. camera??
Especially the expensive DSLR with the promise of the possibilty of
using your 'old' lenses is not the way to go for top-quality, or??

>Many (not all) of the "all in one" digital cameras have been
>designed with this in mind. My Sony F707 with it's Zeiss zoom is
>amazingly sharp. If sharp was the only criterial for a great camera
>I would never have moved on to a DSLR!
No, not only 'sharp' is the criteria of a lense.

>Now, I just want to see one member of your group use "F/68" on a DSLR :-)
F68 stands for Fotogroup 1968, see the web-site :-)
Thanks for the info, I did not know the fact of the millions of very,
very tiny lenses built into the chip. And, after all : even with
digital it is the image in itself that counts.

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