Re: need digineg advice from user of Epson 2200

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The Epson R800 is an interesting little printer and probably a forecast of
things to come. It incorporates optional photo black and matte black
cartridges that are installed at the same time and then chosen from the driver—not
swapped like most current printers.

I would not be so sure that all the inks are the same as the Ultrachromes of
the Epson 2200. This printer is not a little brother of the 2200. The R800
has Red and Blue ink cartridges in addition to CMYK. Who knows what is in
those cartridges. The printheads are also different, having a smaller
picoliter dot (1.5) than the 2200—the smallest of any printer currently available.

The R800 also has an interesting feature—the Gloss Optimizer cartridge.
This is similar to spraying the whole print with a varnish—it gives an even
appearance to the ink coating on semigloss and gloss papers where before, the low
ink levels had a different appearance than those areas fully covered with ink.

You might also check to see if the gloss optimizer is printing on your
negatives—this might be screwing things up.

Mark Nelson

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>      I have an Epson R800 which is the little brother of the Epson 2200 and
> uses their Ultrachrome ink set.  This is a great printer for color and
> black&white prints, but when I tried to print a negative on Pictorico all I
> got was puddles.  Yes, I triple checked that I was printing on the correct
> side.
>      If anyone has a specific transparency material to recommend, I'd
> appreciate it.
> Charles   Portland OR

Mark Nelson
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