Re: testing 320 and 400 speed film using plotter software

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Date: 04/13/04-02:33:08 PM Z
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What are you trying to do/test? I don't have Phil Davis's book, but I
remember for flashing he recommends using a foam cup (or two) to diffuse the
light. If you cannot get the light low enough, add another cup!


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> >Nope, if you are using your Gossen Digisix, set the meter to ISO100, and
> >expose for EV2 at 2/5 of a second. My previous lengthy email explains the
> >funky nature of the digisix.... And this will ensure that your 2.4 speed
> >point that the plotter assumes will be correct!
> Thanks. It's pretty hard to get the light that low I found. My
> little Sekonic Twinmate doesn't even have a two on it--it only goes
> down to three--but if you keep cranking it, you can make it go down
> to where the two would be. Then, I had to shut the aperture down to
> f/32 to get the light low enough! That's partly because the ceiling
> is kind of low and I couldn't raise the head up any higher at a
> certain point.
> --shannon
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